Picasso Chocolate Chip

Welcome to San Miguel Art Cookies

Experience the enjoyment of delicious tasting cookies that are also healthy snacks for cookie lovers of all ages.

The special ingredients selected are not only for good tasting but help to promote the brain normal functions, its essential activity and creativity for artists and non artists alike. Hence the name Art Cookies."

The Company

Hannah Jarmain making cookies San Miguel Art Cookies is the inspiration of Hannah Jarmain, a widely respected and accomplished artist residing in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico; a 16th-century Spanish Colonial town steeped in history and tradition. Safely nestled in the high mountainous region of Central Mexico, San Miguel was designated a World Heritage Site in 2008, San Miguel is known for its architectural beauty, vivid blue skies, moderate climate, friendly people and perhaps most importantly, the arts…hence, the name San Miguel Art Cookies.

With a M.Sc. in Food Science, Ms Jarmain developed her special cookie recipes for the benefit of her then young children and now her young and active grandson. Over time, and in recognition of the needs of her community, Ms. Jarmain partnered with a local bakery to produce large quantities of her cookies for the purpose of helping local charities with their fund raising efforts.

The Cookies

San Miguel Art Cookies are made with fresh natural ingredients and baked fresh in San Miguel de Allende in keeping with the highest standards for quality.



Our cookies are made with hemp butter, a proven source of Omega 3’s - Omega 6’s and Green Tea, a strong source of healthy antioxidants. The combination of these ingredients is considered nutritionally important and essential to the healthy development of the brain in the young and an important part of a required diet for the aged.

One serving of our Picasso Chocolate Chips contains a mere 45 calories and 38 calories in our Cezanne Cranberry Oatmeal.

Enjoy these cookies with a cup of green tea twice a day to refresh and replenish your energy before starting any creative work.